3 Indicators of BMW Transmission Failure

Car Mechanic Works on BMW Transmission Failure

Golbal Auto Transmission Repair offers BMW repair services and maintenance

Your BMW relies on the effectiveness of its transmission. The transmission serves as the power distribution source for the engine, and disseminates the power for necessary functioning. If your vehicle has sustained BMW transmission failure, you should contact Global Auto Transmission Repair. We are a BMW transmission repair shop and service BWM transmissions throughout the country. Here are 4 signs of BMW transmission failure:

Fluid Leaks

A telltale sign of BMW transmission failure, is leaking transmission fluid. The fluid will be clearly noticeable in your driveway, garage, or any other place you regularly park your bimmer. The leaks are usually caused by a gap in your transmission, though in some cases, they can be the result of damaged seals that exist throughout your transmission.

Gear Shifting

Is your BMW shifting gears, unprovoked? If so, it could be a sign of a failing transmission. Do you notice your vehicle shifting into neutral in the middle of a drive? This is a very bad sign for your transmission. Have your car inspected today, and determine the exact root of the problem.

Paused Gears

Have you tried shifting gears and were met with a sudden pause, or abrupt interruption? If so, your BMW transmission is probably running out of fluid. Dropped fluid levels can cause the transmission to halt. In cases like this, bringing your BMW to a shop is the best course of action. You want to be sure that the loss of fluid is not an indication of an even larger problem. Call (405) 415-2077 for BMW Transmission Failure Repair.