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Transmission Repair Work

Our Level of Transmission Expertise is Second-to-None!

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, Verona, WI’s leader for all transmission work, we need you for a customer. An experience of our offerings means you won’t go somewhere else. For periodically scheduled maintenance, full-scale rebuilds, and serious repairs, we are your total answer. For any questions or service inquiries, call 800-319-9568 or text us at  855-787-7532 anytime.

For total transmission rebuilds, we have a total rate of $1,299 as a special offer to our clientele. This promotion, which comes with hard parts, also comes with a Lifetime Warranty against faulty components and handiwork. A Lifetime Warranty serves to illustrate the confidence we have in our workmanship. If you hang your hat in Verona, WI, frequent Global Auto Transmission Repair to have the best transmission work you can find anyplace. Give us a buzz right away at 800-319-9568 or text us at 855-787-7532 for questions or to set up work.

Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services

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We Perform Expert Service on All Transmission — Large and Small!

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we present a full selection of transmission repair and rebuild services. For the flat $1299 rate, we will do a total transmission rebuild and gratis improvements, hard parts, and towing up to a limited area. With their acutely developed skills and proficiency, our expert employees will work on just about anything on the highway. Our technicians provide our clients the following specialty functions:

Do you own a different kind of vehicle? Never fear: our mechanics can rebuild every foreign or domestic transmission, including Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Isuzu, Nissan, Infinite, Jaguar, and Porsche. For interested clients, we also offer no-credit-check financing, in addition to military discounts for active duty soldiers and veterans.

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Considering the transmission is the beating heart of any automobile, you must care for it with quality work from Global Auto Transmission Repair. When you make your abode in Verona, WI, we can save you the headache of looking around for transmission maintenance. You gain the peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty if you trust us with your automobile. You also gain the benefit of a pleasant setting, adept knowledge, and honest prices. Trust the experts at Global Auto Transmission Repair for every single one of your transmission needs. Call us today at call 800-319-9568 or send a text to  855-787-7532.