Three Signs You Have Transmission Problems

Interior of a Transmission

The complicated mechanism of the transmission is subject to wear and tear.

Without your transmission, your car simply wouldn’t move. Because of this, it becomes important to pay attention to all signs of transmission problems. Major transmission work can represent some of the most expensive work on a vehicle. Since no one wants this outcome, it becomes imperative to catch problems early. If you notice any of the following, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair at (405) 415-2077.

Prime Indicators of Transmission Problems

Luckily, most symptoms of transmission trouble are fairly easy to detect. Pay attention to how your vehicle responds to shifts in gear, and check the pavement where you park. Make a habit of these activities, and you can save yourself the worst of transmission repair costs.

 Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid plays a vital role in the healthy operation of your vehicle. Since your transmission does not consume fluid, any loss of it can cause serious trouble. If you notice a pool of slightly sweet, tart-smelling fluid in your garage or parking space, set up an appointment for service.

Transmission Slipping

This term refers to any delays in movement, or problems accelerating your vehicle. You may also notice odd sounds from beneath the hood. Transmission slipping can occur for a number of reasons, all of which need to get addressed immediately.

Warning Light Activation

Your vehicle likely has sensors in the transmission that detect when something goes awry. This could be heightened temperature within the transmission, as it struggles to achieve peak performance through some mechanical problem or loss of fluid. Pay attention to your dashboard lights, and familiarize yourself with their various meanings.

If you live anywhere in the country, Global Auto Transmission Repair provides a one-stop resource for all your transmission needs. When it comes to this indispensable component of your car, don’t hesitate to act on these signs. Call (405) 415-2077 for more information or to schedule service.